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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ThePrizer?
It's a reward platform where user can make pocket money by completing tasks,surveys and watching videos.
What are Points? How do I redeem them?
Points are the virtual currency of theprizer.com, used to represent your current balance on the site. 1000 points is equal to $1.00 US Dollar. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for an item of your choice through the shop!
How long it takes to get paid?
It depends on your offers records, usualy we pay within few hours. If we detect fraud activities we dalayed the payment up to 30 days.
How do I get started?
Signing up is simple! You have the choice of logging in using your Email, Facebook or Google. As soon as you’ve signed up, head over to our Earn page, where you can find a wide variety of offerwalls to complete offers from.
Do you own all the offerwalls on this site or app?
No, however, we partnered with many of the biggest offerwall companies to ensure you get the best offers to complete possible. theprizer serves as a middleman - the gateway to all the best offers out there for you to earn from.
Are surveys safe?
You can rest assured that all surveys on this site are safe to complete. All provided data is reported in aggregate, meaning all data you provide is anonymized. The survey providers also take many measures to ensure that all surveys are secure. Furthermore, we at theprizer are also not able to see anything you write on the surveys you complete, so only the people administering the survey can view this info and treat it with the utmost confidence.
What is the best way to earn Points?
You can earn coins by completing the app offers and surveys that are available on theprizer.com. Want to complete app offers? AdGem and AdGate currently have the best app offers as of right now. Prefer taking surveys? Check out Pollfish and Cpxresearch, since they have the most lucrative surveys to complete. As always feel free to explore our wide variety of offerwalls and see which one suits you best.
Do I have to spend Money to earn points?
You do not need to spend cash to earn Points. A few offers will require making a purchase, however you can always choose to avoid these types of offers.
It seems like I finished a task, but I got less points than the amount that was promised.
You may have gotten disqualified. Certain offerwalls may decide to award you a small sum of points, known as sympathy payouts, as a “thank you” for trying out the task.
The Survey I Completed Did Not Award Me My points.
This may be due to one of three possibilities:
• Bad survey design. A survey may have been scripted poorly by its maintainers, resulting in surveys not being able to credit and not appearing in your completion history.
• Last-minute disqualification. A survey may have a poor, inefficiently designed screening mechanism, resulting in disqualifications to happen at the end of the survey rather than during the screening process.
• Delayed crediting. You may want to check and see if the survey you completed appears in the survey offerwall’s completion history. If it does, give it a couple of minutes and if all else fails, you should contact the offerwall support to assist you with crediting.
I completed an app offer as per their requirements, however I did not get credited.
You may not receive your points instantaneously after completing an app offer. Give the offerwall at least 24 hours to let them review all the completed offers and release the points accordingly. If it is been more than 24 hours, it is best advised to contact the offerwall.
Why Am I Getting No Surveys?
Survey availability depends on many factors ,If you meet any of these conditions, you may encounter limited availability of surveys:
• You live outside of targeted countries for example: the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
• You are trying to complete surveys on the weekends, where availability will generally be limited.
• Furthermore, the survey offerwalls might have shadow-banned you if they suspect you completed their surveys in a fraudulent manner.
How do I improve my chances of successfully completing a survey?
Provide reliable information, answer the questions based on the survey topic in a relevant fashion, and stay consistent with the information you provide.
Why Did I Get Disqualified?
Don’t worry - It just means that you did not fit the demographic requirements that the organization hosting the survey is looking for. Surveys look for certain demographics of people, such as certain income brackets, locations, ages ...
The surveys are acting glitchy.
This is oftentimes caused by a buildup of old cookies, cache, and other browsing data within your web browser (whether it be Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.) which can interfere with various site functionality and your ability to complete your offers. It’s best advised to clear your browser cookies, cache, and other relevant data to ensure you are able to complete surveys without any issues.
How to rank in leaderboard ?
You can do that by collecting points from offerwalls or by playing Quiz game, Word Guessing, Image Puzzle and Jigsaw puzzle on our app. the more points you collect the better rank you get.
Why I cant request Gifts?
You have to have enough points and You have to finish at least one task from Offerwalls to be able to request Gifts!
What is XP?
XP is short for experience points
To increase your xp go to Start earning and there you can find a wide variety of offerwalls to complete offers from, the more offers you complete the more XP you get.
What is these stars under my avatar?
It's your level, each star gives you a percentage of bonus on your finished offers.
Levels are related to XP, increase your XP to get higher levels and better bonus for each offer you complete.
Why my cashout Item was hold
Due to violating safety criteria as :
- Using a blacklisted ip, vpn , proxy, bots to finish tasks.
- Using multiple accounts in the same device.

We hold the cashout until we get paid.